The Mainstay (fullwidth)

  • $15
    Treat Tins

    $15/each. Each 6” tin contains a few each of Sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, eggnog fudge, candycane fudge and apple cider caramels.

  • $25
    Cheesecake - Key Lime

    One of our signature pieces, this dessert will stimulate your senses with the rich flavour of key lime over a graham crust and featuring a homemade key lime custard. $25 for 6" round or $40 for 9" round.

  • $25
    Cheesecake - Chocolate Brownie

    This is a decadent treat - rich, smooth cheesecake made with chocolate brownie chunks. $25 for 6" round or $40 for 9" round.

  • $25
    Cheesecake - Blueberry Swirl

    Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake with graham crust. With or without whipped cream topping. $25 for 6" round, $40 for 9" round.

  • $25
    Cheesecake - Mini Eggs

    Homemade Cheesecake featuring Cadbury Minieggs on baked Oreo Crumble crust. This rich and decadent dessert is $25 for 6" round, or $40 for 9" round.

  • $25
    Cheesecake - Candycane

    Peppermint Candycane Cheesecake on baked Oreo Crumble crust. $25 for 6" round or $40 for 9" round.

  • Hot Breakfast

  • Dessert Trays

    Made to order. May include: Shortbread cookies, Fudge (many varieties), Brownies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies, Mini cupcakes (many varieties), Cheesecake bites, Apple Crumble Bars, Nanaimo Bars.  Ask about our other desserts  

  • Lunch Spread

  • Hors D'oeuvres

  • Hot Buffet Breakfast

  • Fruit Trays

  • Finger Sandwiches

  • $1
    Mini Cupcakes

    Delectable mini cupcakes, order by the dozen. $12/dozen.

  • $10

    This thick and hearty lasagna is handmade from scratch and boasts plenty of ground beef, spinach, ricotta cheese, and pasta.

  • $4
    Cabbage Rolls

    Deliciously hearty homemade cabbage rolls. Freshly made - great now or perfect to freeze for later! Approx 300g each roll. Contains ground beef, cabbage, tomato, rice, spices. $4/each or 3 for $10.

  • $7.50
    Turkey Vegetable Soup with Stuffing

    Each 32oz container contains 2 servings each. This hearty homemade turkey stock contains carrots, onion, celery, turkey, potato & spices. Comes with packet of stuffing (white/dark rye/whole wheat/spices). Great fresh or frozen!